Sealabian Civil war.jpeg(1)

This is taken and only photo from Sealabian Civil war

Sealabian Civil war

Request a alliance from People`s Republic of Quinn

Is event took place of episode of Let 'Em Eat Corn .

Since civil war broke out everybody defended themselves during the civil war that last 5 hours. Put along the 2 British dudes are see their failure. Leave the nobody won and leave a stalemate


The Sealabians are first one who did secede Sealab from USA, within minutes other nations secede from Sealabia begin that lead cause the civil war. And try get back, that only lasts few minutes or hours.

Anti-Sealabian or Non-SealabiansEdit

Are nations seceded from Sealabia in first place, They're against each other within few minutes or hours.

Dissolved Sealabia and Other nationsEdit

Since the Civil War was over the nations returns as a Sealab place and Re-annexed by the United States Government.