Sealab 2020 was a short-lived American animated television series, produced by Hanna-Barbera.

The series was about an underwater research base and had an environmental theme. The series ran on NBC in 1972 and was canceled after screening only thirteen of the sixteen half-hour episodes. The complete series was released in 2012 on DVD and can be purchased exclusively online at the Warner Bros. Shop and The Milton Bradley Company also made a board game about it.

It was later re-edited and dubbed with new voices to form the comedic television series Sealab 2021 that aired on Adult Swim. They also used stock footage from the show(mostly in Season 1).

Voice Cast Edit

Doctor Paul Williams - Ross Martin

Captain Michael Murphy - John Stephenson

Robert Murphy - Josh Albee

Sally Murphy - Pamelyn Ferdin

Lieutenant Sparks - William Callaway

Hal - Jerry Dexter

Gail - Ann Jillian

Ed - Ron Pickard

Mrs. Thomas - Olga James

Jamie - Gary Shapiro


SL-1. Deep Threat (prod. #57-1, 9/9/1972)

SL-2. Lost (prod. #57-4, 9/16/1972)

SL-3. Green Fever (prod. #57-2, 9/23/1972)

SL-4. The Singing Whale (prod. #57-3, 9/30/1972)

SL-5. The Shark Lover (prod. #57-5, 10/7/1972)

SL-6. The Basking Shark (prod. #57-7, 10/14/1972)

SL-7. Where Dangers Are Many (prod. #57-8, 10/21/1972)

SL-8. Backfire (prod. #57-6, 10/28/1972)

SL-9. The Deepest Dive (prod. #57-9, 11/4/1972)

SL-10. The Challenge (prod. #57-10, 11/11/1972)

SL-11. Collision of the Aquarius (prod. #57-11, 11/18/1972)

SL-12. The Capture (prod. #57-13, 11/25/1972)

SL-13. The Artic Story (prod. #57-12, 12/2/1972)

Unaired Episodes Edit

"Pilot" (unaired)

"S.O.S.: Sealab Ocean Signal" (unaired)

"Utopia of Cassidy" (unaired)