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Napoleon hate you

Red dawn is a Sealab 2021 episode. "Comarde" Kommissar Murphy brings communism put mainly Marxism-Leninism to sealab and est. make sealab a communist state and make trouble with United States.


Kommissar Murphy brings Marxist-Leninist ideals to Sealab along with creating a communist-like state in Sealab and starts to lose relations from the main nation (United States), Then Quinn finally realized problems about communism or Marxism-Leninism and to tell Murphy about Critcism of his theory and communism itself and lock two to torture room until Murphy wanted to bomb Washington D.C. for Quote "End of all-capitalism", At end Quinn got mad and bombed Washington d.c. because Quinn think they kill her.


The title is Self-referance of 1984 film and later 2012 remake film of Same-Name.

Captian Murphy is get heavy based resemblance as Vladimir Lenin who known for found father of Communist Russia or Soviet Union and ideology of Leninism and modern day communism.