Alvisism is a fictional monothiestic religion that worships a Pioneer as a Messiah-like deity or half-god. It appears in a few episodes of Sealab 2021, most notably in the episode Feast of Alvis .

Alvisist Mythology Edit

During the time of American expansion into the Wild West, a woman named Delia gave birth to Alvis at an American fort.  His birth was deemed an immaculate conception, as none of the men she traveled with would identify themself as the father.  A mighty comet appeared overhead, guiding Native Americans to the baby, bearing gifts of liquor and guns.  It was said that the baby Alvis glowed radiently.  Whether or not any of this is true is open to interpretation - as Sparks claims that the story is a myth.

Alvisist Mythology

Conception of Alvis as retold by Captain Murphy.


Alvis - Founder of the religion.  Espouses the virtues of "drinking and revenge."

Captain Murphy - A devout Alvian, who tries to organize a feast and pagent in honor of Alvis.

Stormy - While not stated as an Alvian, Stormy is the only crew member besides Captain Murphy who shows any enthusiasm for Alvistide, during which time he became heavily drunk, antagonistic, and rode around on a buffalo.